YMCA Adventure Guides

YMCA Adventure Guides is a great program that connects parents and their children.

It sounds a bit funny – that parents need to connect with their kids – but for many families, mine included, that can be the case. I joined the program with my two daughters when they were ages 7 & 5. At the time I was working 8-10 hour days with a commute of an hour and a half each way. By the time I got home they were often asleep. When dinner time rolled around at the first YMCA campout we went to my daughters came up to me and asked “We’re hungry, Dad, where’s Mom?” That may have been the first time they saw me as provider.

Adventure Guides is a program for one parent and their child(ren).

This video was shot in one long day. Travel to San Diego with an assistant early in the morning and return that night. No prep on the interviews other than names of likely candidates. No worries. We shot with one of my cameras – a Sony NX-70, and a GoPro Hero. All natural light and on-camera microphone. Edited, as all my work is, in Premiere Pro.

Worth noting – this video was one of the first I created for a client, in 2014.