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A bit of a plum gig has been being a “marketing consultant” for a local business, Priority Pak. I hadn’t even thought about what a fulfillment shop might do, never mind that there was such a thing. Being asked to re-brand the company from logo through an advertising campaign is a wonderful responsibility. Working with the two owners as creative liaison with an agency I found for them was made easier from my years of being an observant agent while in client meetings with big agencies and clients. I hope I am a good client now!

What I found at Priority Pak was a dedicated and hard working crew.

From the shop floor into the front office, these people stay on task, find solutions to complex problems, and work in a collaborative manner to get things done efficiently. Imagine have 400+ big boxes to pack with 200+ different assortments of marketing materials and having to get each of them to the right place with the right stuff. That is just the start of their day with several other projects all going out at the same time.

My thanks to Ray Davies for the opportunity.