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About Rich Hall

Near Sacramento, California, in the foothills of Placer County, Rich Hall heads up Authentic Content as owner/operator. To give an idea of the responsibilities Rich handles, this paragraph will switch to the first person and say I am creating this web site, handle almost all pre-production chores, hire talented freelancers to work on prep and shoot days, and also personally handle all post production. Yes, this is a small potatoes production where you get very personal service. For more about me, you can review my Linkedin profile and testimonials here: linkedin.com/in/richhall3/

Contact info

It is a big world out there, and I hope to see all of it. My cell phone is almost always on, and if it isn’t, a message there will be picked up at the soonest possibility. Email and texts, ditto. Make contact, please! 

Telephone: +1  310-721-0451
E-mail: Rich at AuthenticContent.us