The mission of Authentic Content is to create reality-based videos, still photos and articles for organizations and companies that want to connect with people in a genuine manner.

When real business people and employees talk about their positions and services, customers connect with the truth of the moment. When donors and volunteers speak of the good being done, others empathetically join the cause. When customers tell stories of their needs fulfilled, viewers appreciate the truth at a level deeper than the simple message conveyed. Viewers connect with a basis of genuine empathy, taking in the information at a personal level tied to their specific similar need.

With computer-generated imagery and professional actors posing as patients, doctors, and parents, the public has become numb to messages delivered by people playing people. The contrived commercial has become somewhat of an embarrassment for those involved, counter-productive to winning hearts and minds. It may be best that many commercials and commercial videos have become invisible with all that is achieved is one more splat of logo, a connection only of recognition, not of worth.

The process that Authentic Content goes through to find your authentic message is called “immersion.” By immersing ourselves in your culture over a period of time we get to know the real you, and, as importantly, you and your team become comfortable with our presence. By the time a camera is set up, there is a comfort level and casual nature to the situation. A more coherent and connected message is delivered by the speaker captured in the reality of a conversational moment.

The outcome is an authentic message, valid in its simple truth, accessible because there is no pretense of unreality clouding the recipients mind. This is real, the mind says, this is Authentic Content.