Employment & Day Services for People with Disabilities – Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center

One of the many things I love about California is the heart of the state. We are, communally, a giving and caring people. The Regional Centers, each its own not-for-profit foundation, provide services to people with disabilities. In an effort to reach out to a wider audience and inform them of these services, videos in two languages needed to be created. Here is the story of two individuals in their English language version. Both also gave Spanish language interviews that were made use of.

The Covid-19 pandemic did cause a pause in production of several months. We are in Los Angeles, after all, and Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center is in the mid-Wilshire area, one of the hotbeds of the virus in a hotbed city. Elder was interviewed at OUE Skyspace prior to the pandemic. For Jose’s interview in August of 2020 we made use of a tight area behind his apartment building. Another interview, yet to be posted, was captured at a local elementary school courtyard.

We are an amazing community that can do amazing things when we set our mind to it.