2023 Show Reel

Many of the videos I produce are informational in nature. Using staff presentation via teleprompter, along with interviews of real people that made use of the given service, provides the viewer with the information and the assurance that it is valid. The use of supporting footage, b-roll of activities being spoken about, adds to the story.

I am a big believer in text elements supporting the spoken word. Some people absolutely need both the visual and audio to grasp a concept, all people learn more completely with both in place. Those text boxes aren’t shown in this compilation video but are in several of the videos elsewhere on this site such as this one.

In 2023 we added Korean language videos and realized that we can script, capture video and edit in any language. To do so takes the right people in their respective roles, but adds greatly to the reach of a set of videos. In 2023 we will be adding two more languages to the roster!

If you like what you see here, dive a bit deeper, please. A wide range of videos can be found (here) that include fun charitable events, some corporate branding and topics that I simply find interesting or pretty. Thanks for visiting!