Autism Speaks Charity Golf Tournament

The Topping brothers know what autism is all about.

One of the leading donors to Autism Speaks in Southern California, the Topping Brothers and their golf tournament contribute significantly to this organization that supports families experiencing autism and the research to cure it. This was my second year of creating a video for them and I am impressed by the camaraderie that is shown among the adults almost as much as I am by Trey Toppng, brother of Liam who has severe autism.

Trey speaks each year from his experience growing up with autism in the house. It cannot be easy for a pre-teen to cope with yet Trey rises above himself and sees the road ahead.

If you are interested in playing in this tournament sign up early, it sells out every year.


CG Producer Reel

Sometimes I work for a living, and have fun doing it.

It can be said that computer-generated art and the photographic techniques that help make it real is part of my roots. If not for Paul Debevec’s online classes in high dynamic range imaging (HDRI) I probably would not have had the chance to shoot my first commercial, would not have gained the confidence that yes, darnit, I can do this and really enjoy it, and would not have grown to the point I am at now.

But yes, work is worthy, even for me.

This video showcases several techniques. Opening with a flicker-free time lapse of day into night from Point Dume, a bit of mirror lens on the moon and then a dusk freeway, a series of urban freeway time lapse unfolds into a showcase of computer generated cars with the creation steps shown in fair detail. The better video of computer generated car in real scene is the first one, but the music went longer and we needed something to fill it out with. Most people don’t notice the flaws in the red car, but if you’re good and see them I want you to know that I do, too.