Interview with Jennifer Kennedy, founder of Footprints in Pink

Footprints in Pink is a new charitable organization that helps women diagnosed with breast cancer deal with all aspects of that diagnosis. Founder Jennifer Kennedy tells her story of having to hear that diagnosis twice for herself, how she came to start Footprints in Pink, and what the charitable organization offers to anyone that reaches out to them. I found Jennifer to be an amazing woman making a difference in the national community. This candid interview is truly authentic content.


Cystic Fibrosis “2017 Winemasters Fundraiser”

One of the best events of the year and a perennial top 10 charity wine auction, A Culinary Evening with The California Winemasters held at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, sold out again. With 50 internationally recognized chefs and 75 top wineries donating their time, talents and treasures in benefit of The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation it is an evening to remember.


Andy Gump “Bringing Our Best”

Andy Gump, a premier provider of temporary site services, always brings the best equipment, the best team, and the best attitude when providing portable sanitation, fencing and power. This one minute video is just a sample of their exceptional abilities.


Still Photography – Six Flags Theme Parks


As part of a satellite media tour for several Six Flags locations produced by Alpha & Omega Entertainment , I was given the opportunity to shoot stills for their web and advertising needs. Despite cloudy skies it was a great deal of fun and I got to pull from my still photography background and remember how much I enjoy the frozen moment.

Catwoman Whip Six Flags Over Texas

A bit of blur adds to the intensity of the image. A bit of saturation (OK, a bunch of saturation) even more so.

Riddler Revenge Six Flags Over Texas

The Riddler Revenge is a pendulum that holds 40 people and takes that arm above vertical. The wind as it passes by is loud, but really only felt as it is drowned out by the screams of those on the ride.

Riddler Revenge CU

The above close-up from the wider shot shows how much fun the folks on board are having. This simple ride has an extreme range of gravitational pulls and yes, that disc they are on spins randomly!

SuperHeroes Six Flags Over Texas

The collaboration of DC Comics and Six Flags Theme Parks is really taking hold. Entire areas of the park are themed in the world of Gotham. The superheroes are super cool, totally in character. Most of what I captured of these three was on green screen for future use TBD but this shot in front of the Hall of Justice does the town right.


Catwoman. Talking about being in character, this young lady was simply … there.


If you watch “Gotham” on television or have seen any of the “Batman” movies, you know Gotham isn’t a happy place. Kid’s love to be tough.


Adults, too, can have a seriously confronting attitude.


The new kids area at Six Flags Over Georgia, DC Super Friends, is all about a thrill that the little ones can handle.


This “Mom” and “daughter” were the heroes of my day. Both were totally into the moment, took direction wonderfully, and enjoyed it fully.

I learned a few things on this shoot – some rides required 1/8000th of a second to stop the action, per channel luminosity is my friend, and people wherever you go want to make great images!

My greatest thanks to Alpha & Omega Entertainment and all the Six Flags parks for this opportunity!