ELARC Sample Vids

I put these videos together to give you an idea of the style I plan to capture. There is always a variance to a location as far as light and contrast, and people/events move at their own pace. It is up to me, and my crew, to capture people at their peak of engagement.

This first video is a good example of how long 2:41 can seem to the viewer, but the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has said, since I first started doing them five events ago, it is their single most valuable asset at pulling in new vendors. I do anticipate the pace of your videos to be somewhat more relaxed.

The “Walk for Hearing” video , as shown at our meeting, this was just me, no advance planning or coordination, and I would certainly take along two assistants to do the same, with advance planning and coordination, if ever I had to be sure to get it as good as this:

Last is the Special Needs Resource Fair from FFRC at CSUN. I am not sure this event has come back since Covid, but it was an incredible event.

That all said and seen, your videos will have their own flavor, their own sense of “I am served by ELARC”. It occurs to me at this moment, typing, that I see ELARC as at the intersection of pride and humility. A very nice place to be.

I so hope to get to create for you.